Increase Productivity
and Profitability up to 30%

without growing headcount.1 The formula is simple:
develop your leaders, enrich the climate, and improve results.


Your moods and behaviors impact 50-70% of your unit’s climate and the climate determines performance.2 Broaden your repertoire of styles, improve engagement, and increase results.

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Strategic Leadership

7 out of 10 change initiatives miss the mark.3 To hit target, don’t just execute the strategy; bring it to life! Show leaders at all levels how to create clarity, commitment, and confidence.

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TouchPoint Intensive

Global workforce studies show that only 20% of employees want to give the very best of themselves.4 Use TouchPoints to create energy and direction in even the smallest of moments.

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For global events the expectations are high; there’s no room for error. The key to success? An experienced, engaging, and international voice on leadership.

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1) Hay Group Leadership Framework, based on research by McClelland, Litwin, Stringer, and McBer. 2) ibid. 3) “The Inconvenient Truth about Change,” McKinsey & Co. 4) Towers Watson 2010 Global Workforce Study.