• "I never thought I could have so much fun getting pushed past my comfort zone, yet Mette has a unique way of doing that. Her way of questioning everything, from a completely different perspective, has taught me that things are NEVER what they seem. Mette's content is a perfect balance of academia, inspiration and entertainment. After spending time with her (a week or an hour), I feel like I can conquer the world (a little scary, but very impressive)."

    Scott Burger
    President, PANDORA North America

  • "Building leadership capacity is one of the most critical success factors for any company; and the higher ambitions and aspirations that you have for the future the more important this becomes. Mette is an incredible help and resource for Microsoft, Western Europe in our efforts in growing and developing our key talents to prepare them for taking bigger and more challenging roles in the future."

    Jens Moberg
    Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

  • "Mette is a gifted teacher of and mentor to leaders of today and tomorrow. She has a real talent for helping leaders find and bring their best to their work in an inspiring fashion that elevates bottom line performance. In my experience, her capacity on this front is second to none."

    Douglas R. Conant
    Former President & CEO, Campbell Soup Company

  • "Mette has a unique way of cutting through the bull, getting results, producing aha-moments and doing it with grace and humor."

    Palle Stroem
    Chief Creative Officer, TV 2 Denmark

  • "Mette Norgaard represents a fascinating combination of absolutely hands-on leadership training and very experienced and creative mentorship. She works extremely well also in larger groups where her key findings are presented in a very effective and yet charming way. It's all very to the point and spending time with Mette reminds you of all the things you really should do and points you to a wealth of other great ideas and methods to improve your leadership and hence your business. I would never look anywhere else for a great partner to work with."

    PM Jensen
    President &CEO, Metro International

  • "Mette Norgaard is that rare individual who is a true teacher of leaders—who understands the value and importance of utilizing your head, your heart and your hands to lead and develop people in the 21st century."

    Carmen Bianco
    Senior Vice President Subways, NYC Transit

  • "Mette’s opening keynote for our European Conference received the highest scores for authenticity, sincerity, and humor."

    Susan Bahl
    ASTD's Global Network

  • "For years, the executive development programs at the Covey Leadership Center and later FranklinCovey were graced by her presence, her leadership and her teachings. She is one of the more caring, insightful, and truly effective teachers I have ever known. When you are around her, ... you will sense that she did not just learn these mangnificent insights—she earned them."

    Stephen R. Covey
    Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  • "Thank you for a great course over the last 8 months. We were all in agreement that you were the one that made the whole deal unique. This will not only benefit Microsoft but also impact our personal lives. You are a terrific teacher and have the ability to weave magic around you!"

    Peter Wihman
    MS Online Asia Region, Microsoft

  • "Mette is one of the most inspiring, thought provoking and impactful teachers I have ever worked with."

    Ward Clapham
    Superintendent, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • "We truly value our collaboration with Mette Norgaard who has inspired and guided some of our most senior clients in their continued development as leaders. We have also benefitted from her profound insight and vast experience in the design of the Himalaya Executive Leadership Program (HELP): a program for CEO’s and other top executives, who are close to the peak of their personal development as leaders, for the pursuit of the ultimate aspirations."

    Dorte Prip
    CEO, CBS Executive

  • "There are superpowers and there are soft powers. Likewise, some leaders are all about a tough mind, a strong call to action and a march along a line, while others are tender hearted and breathing their feelings. Not unlike certain countries, Mette Norgaard is one of those people who combine a huge ability to express a new way ahead for leadership, where dichotomies coalesce into one pool of soft power, with effectiveness and sensitivity walking hand in hand."

    J. André de Barros Teixeira
    Chief R&D & Quality Officer
    Goodman Fielder: Sydney, Australia

  • "We wanted to have the best and most inspiring person to teach our top 30 leaders—that’s why we chose Mette. What an amazing choice! Never have so many, received so much to take home with them, in such short a time. We laughed, listened, discussed, and experienced—most participants later said it was one of the best learning experience in their leadership career. On behalf of all the participants and IC Companys—a thousand thanks, Mette."

    Morten Linnett
    Head of HR, IC Companys

  • "Finnish Broadcasting Company has implemented the biggest strategic and organizational change in its history. Mette Norgaard has not only shared her great wisdom in organizational behavior to help us make our strategy true, but also managed to create trust and new leadership skills in our executive team, top management, and staff. Mette Norgaard has it all: up-to-date knowledge, wide experience, a network across the globe, and above all a big heart and true commitment to her work."

    Mikael Jungner
    Director General, Finnish Broadcasting Company

  • "Ketchum leaders, in the hectic field of public relations, have no time for long discussions on leadership. Mette Norgaard worked closely with us to design the teaching of leadership behaviors that can work 'in the smallest of moments'. Her passion for her work and her commitment to achieving our program objectives were outstanding. She quickly became a trusted member of our teaching team."

    Robert Burnside
    Partner & Chief Learning Officer, Ketchum