• Three Levels of Leadership

    What if you had to give your word, “to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards as a leader”? What if, like Canadian Engineers, you were to wear a ring on your signature hand as a reminder of that promise? If that were the case, this ring should reflect three commitments: to lead Oneself, to lead Others, and to lead one’s Organization.


    Lead Oneself

    When you lead yourself you reach further, work smarter, learn faster, love deeper, play readily, and live more fully.

    Lead Others

    Leadership is not about you—it’s about them. It’s about involving others and increasing their level of clarity, commitment, and confidence.

    Lead Organizations

    When you lead an enterprise, you need to be a dreamer and a doer. You balance structure and flexibility, accountability and autonomy, discipline and freedom.

  • Two Dimensions of Mastery

    Leadership is a craft. When you work at it, you get better and you enjoy it more. Making you reach deeper, stretch further, and practice even more intensely. Mastery is not a destination, it’s a commitment.



    Use your head and develop a logical framework for how to lead people and change. Use your heart and lead with purpose and passion. Use your hands and become remarkably competent. Find your voice and build a distinct leadership brand.


    As you become more capable, you will be trusted with ever greater responsibilities. More complex challenges, in turn, demands more intense preparation.

  • Bring Strategy to Life

    It’s easy to capture the strategy on a few power point slides. What’s hard is to convert those “points” into new and better behaviors. The ultimate challenge is to make the strategy come alive in everyday interactions, to make it a natural part of the way people think, talk, and act.

  • "With Strategic Leadership & Learning, you create the clarity, commitment, and confidence to bring your strategy to life."

    Mette Norgaard